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the bravara experience

The Bravara Experience is a premium gourmet coffee service.

In the convenience of your workplace, at the touch of a button and in seconds, enjoy the finest gourmet coffees. No need to leave your workplace and stand in line at the local coffee shop.

Your only cost is for your individually ground and brewed cup of a fraction of the price that you, your employees and customers pay at a coffee outlet blocks from your workplace.

Think of the advantages:

  • no more inventory to buy
  • no cash outlay, and no investment
  • no more cleanup
  • no more stale black coffee
  • no more waste!

With a compact footprint (41cmW x 53cmD x 158cmH) and push button simplicity, our self-contained gourmet coffee machines are an aesthetic complement to your office, business or retail environment. User friendly and hassle free operation, and with up to ten popular's the ideal solution.

The convenience of Bravara...find out by watching our demo

Please contact or 403.806.0402 for your complimentary seven-day free trial of the Bravara Experience! No obligation, but to enjoy the finest gourmet coffee experience.

Calgary, Alberta
Bravara Gourmet Coffee        403.806.0402